TTT 394: For The Ladies

TTT 394: For The Ladies


In this lady-centric episode Eric and Rachelle talk about all thing womanly including; a town in Brazil run by women that want more men; Japan’s way of helping out; and the new anti-rape shade of nail polish.

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TTT 393: Lock The Doors

TTT 393: Lock The Doors


Eric and Rachelle have encountered a variety of weird people over the last week or so. Maybe they should stop going outside and taking phone calls. Better yet, people should stop acting so shady. If you want to hear about why the World Financial Group is creepy and underhanded, then this is the episode for you. It’s not all that serious though. We also go into depth why pictures of infants in…

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TTT 392: Never Come Back


Eric and Rachelle are back, refreshed and ready to talk shit. We discuss Russia’s answer to Eurovision. Hint: It will probably suck. We also talk about a local radio station capitalizing on tween lack of attention. Good times.

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